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Patria Plus is a online factual fulltext database  aimed in particular at financial professionals, economists, managers and investors. It brings up-to-date data from financial markets, original news and analytical outputs, databases and other services. The services Patria Plus are incorporated into the pages and they are activated after login of the client (from the UEP or by means of the proxy server self-activating). To help the clarity, they are marked by green colour on
Patria Plus contains 8 modules : News,  Stocks & Funds,  Currencies & Rates,  FOREX, Commodities & Derivatives, Economy, My Patria, Law.

The core of the product consists of data and news section. There are available online data from the stock, foreign exchange, bond, monetary and commodity markets. These data can be complemented by commentaries of direct participants at the market. The data are further analysed and their development is prognosed by means of modules and expert assessments. The product is complemented by comprehensive databases of historical data.

Brief listing of services

  • Data from Financial Markets in Real Time – Streaming forex online, shares, rates, derivates, fixed contracts, commodities
  • Analyses – over 40  types of analytical documents
  • Prognoses and Evaluations – Short-term and long-term sophisticated prognoses, expert research
  • Databases – over 9000 economic, stock and  financial databases
  • SMS services – quick and on time to your mobile phone, online exchange rates, stock and commodity prices at a predefined time or on request, alerts for price thresholds or dramatic rate changes
  • Special Tools and Calculators – Online exchange rate and interest differentials, yields curves, global benchmarks, interactive graphs
  • Exclusive News – Daily approx. 50 original up-to-date commentaries, daily hot news displayed by the terminal method
  • Online  Consultations  –  e-mail and telephone service with Patria Finance experts -advices, substantiate our forecasts or provide you with the required information or data on an ad hoc basis
  • Patria Plus Data Export – Export bridge to deliver personalized data – all of the online data in the format specified by you

Notice: Maximum number of concurrently logged-in users cannot be over 40, from user 41 above there is accessible only the public version (free of charge).

Content type:factual database - full texts
Themes:analyses, banking, companies, economics, finance, industry, statistics, stocks, trade
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Patria Plus
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