Loan Services

We will lend you technical literature and as well as fiction in foreign languages, lecture notes, journals and daily press for the use at home (loans) or in study rooms (for reference only), we will also provide loans from other Czech libraries and abroad.

How to Borrow the Literature

  • Books to lent for home for 1 month (loans) can be ordered in the Union Catalogue of the VŠE. When you have the valid registration and after the login to the catalogue, you can order, reserve and renew books. You can find the information about your user account under the button USER. You will collect the books at the loan desk in the library where you ordered them.
  • The documents located in Točná, Točná (CDMS) and Chris Tame Library are available within 15 working days.
  • The books in the study room can be found on the shelves according to the number and colour on the label on the lower part of the book spine.
  • Some books  from the study rooms can be lent home for 1 month at the loan desk or can be ordered in the Catalogue.
  • Books for study in the study room (for reference only) in Žižkov can be lent home (as loans) only exceptionally – see the Loan Periods below. We do not provide overnight loans  in Jižní Město. The books for reference only are marked at the upper part of the spine with a red label (= STOP).
  • Journals are for reference only, older volumes can be ordered in the study room from the stacks. It is necessary to fill in the order form, then the title is delivered from the stacks to the library in Žižkov within 20 minutes or from the stacks to the study room in Jižní Město by the next day and from the stacks in Točná usually within 15 working days (the user is informed by email). The location of individual copies is usually marked in the Union Catalogue of the VŠE (item reference library at each volume)

Loan Periods

The loan period depends on the status of the loan and user, the status of the item is usually indicated in the records of the item.

for 1 month

loan period for 35 days, may be renewed three times (3x)

for reference only

exceptionally – loans from the study rooms so-called overnight loans – before closing of the loan register until 10:00 am of the following working day


loans from other workplaces of the VŠE, contact the secretary of the department of the respective workplace

Extension of the Loan Period

The loan period may be extended in case the book has not been reserved for another user. The renewal may be done online in the Catalogue  (if the loan period has not elapsed), by telephone (Žižkov: 224 095 581, Jižní Město: 224 094 321), in person at the loan desk or by email at (no later than 1 day before the elapsing/end of the loan period).

In case of late return, fines for overdue items are charged under the valid Price list.

Returning of Borrowed Literature

Borrowed documents can be returned at the loan desk or to the Bibliobox. The materials borrowed in the Jižní Město Library can be returned in the library in Žižkov, or viceversa. The books are usually dispatched to their original library once a week. The books that are to be dispatched but located in the other place, can be borrowed in the place of their temporary location, they are marked in the catalogue as being moved.


We will inform you about the end of the loan period three days before its end. The service is not guaranteed and its possible failure does not constitute a right to  cancellation or lowering of charges.

When you exceed the loan period, you will be sent four reminders to the email or contact address stated upon registration, the second and fouth reminders are always sent in the printed form as well. Where the delay is more than 54 working days, the legal department of the VŠE delivers a notice before an action. After expiration of the reasonable time without any action taken to settle the obligations of the user towards the VŠE, the VŠE may protect its rights in court. The amounts of the fines are stipulated in the Price list.