Žižkov Library

The study rooms and all services may be only used by registered users with a valid school ID card. You may register directly at the loan desk at the library in Žižkov or Jižní Město, or complete the registration online. It is possible to borrow a guest card for single entry at the loan desk (note: it does not authorise its holders to use the internet and access e-resources).

Upon entering the library it is necessary to present ID card and to report any ones’s own brought-in literature.  Before entering the study rooms it is recommended to use the cloakroom of the school or the lockers in the cloakroom of the library for the coats and larger bags.

We provide

  • loans (materials to be taken out) and materials for reference only (materials to be used on the site)
  • access to e-resources
  • computers with access to the Internet and for search in e-resources
  • wifi (Eduroam)
  • consultations with the librarian
  • introductory tour of the library
  • copying, printing and scanning
  • depositing the money on the ID card for copying and printing

Opening Hours of Library Žižkov

Opening hours for this week

Monday 8:00–16:00
Tuesday 8:00–16:00
Wednesday 8:00–16:00
Thursday 8:00–16:00
Friday 8:00–16:00

Regular opening hours

Monday 9:00–19:00
Tuesday 8:00–19:00
Wednesday 8:00–19:00
Thursday 8:00–19:00
Friday 8:00–18:00

Division of the Library

Daily press, 1 copy machine for self-service copying, 1 net printer and computers with the access to the Union Catalogue of the VŠE and the school network are available at the loan desk in hall open to public. You may also obtain there information about collections and the services of the library, we also may help you with search in the catalogue or ordering and searching of the materials, or may lend you the headphones.

There is a book and flatbed scanner available next to the entrance. Computer library and 4 study rooms for team work are located at the back of the study room. There is a net printer and 15 study places with computers connected to the internet in the Computer Library to be used in particular for work with e-resouces.

Available Materials

There are various materials available in the study and reading rooms – lecture notes, professional literature, both Czech and foreign, journals and daily press in various languages, working papers, law collections, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, materials of the UN, OECD World Bank, IMF and CNB as well as well as other institutions.

Books in the study rooms are available in open  access; some of them may be borrowed for 1 month at the loan desk or can be ordered in the Catalogue. The location of individual copies is listed in the Catalogue (column Branch library at the particular item).

Where to Find us

Mezanine of the Old Building, W. Churchill Sq. 4, 130 67 Prague 3 – Žižkov