Retrieval Services

When you need a list of resources to your given topic, we will process a retrieval from the contents of the licensed and freely accessible scientific databases and library catalogues.

You may order

The retrieval may be ordered online or in person in room 131 SB. The delivery period depends on the number of orders and the demands of the processing of the topic.

Price of Retrievals

  • free of charge for teachers and other staff of the VŠE from e-resources accessible from the VŠE and freely accessible information sources
  • according to the actual cost for teachers and other staff of the VŠE from other information sources
  • for students, external users of CIKS VŠE and the public:
    • lump sum/fixed payment of CZK 100 (even in case of retrieval with zero results)
    • work of the staff processing the retrieval: CZK 350 / 1 hour (even in case of search with zero results)

Notice for the teachers of the VŠE: Processing of a standard retrieval of citations of selected author (citation index) approximately takes three days. If there are more requests, number of citations and multiplicity of names and field of a selected author, it may take more than a week.