Registration to the Library, Services Provided

Register at the loan desk in Žižkov or Jižní Město upon the first visit to the library.

For the registration to the library please start with pre-registration online and then come to the library with your ISIC and ID to finalize it.

Who can become a member of the library: Any citizen of the Czech Republic or a foreign citizen older than 15 years of age after presenting a valid identity card. For the registration in the library, please bring a proof of your identity (ID card/passport/personal ID/visa) with you.

When registering, you may not have any financial or obligations in kind towards the library. By signing the application and the Declaration the user undertakes to fullfil all provisions of the Library Rules, including the obligation to pay fines for overdue items and pay for any loss or damage of the borrowed books.

The registration must be regularly renewed: it is valid for 1 academic year for the internal users, 12 months for the external users from the date of the renewal.

Price of Registration, Services Provided

Internal Users: VŠE students, teachers and employees

  • provided services: all library services
  • how to identify yourself in the library: identity card (ISIC, ITIC, employee ID card)
  • price: yearly renewal: CZK 20 at the beginning of the academic year (September)
  • maximum number of loans: 20

External Users: other students, professional public

  • provided services: loans, access to all study rooms, copying, internet only from the computers in the study room, wifi, ILL, e-resources according to the licence, access to the Jižní Město Library, loans from the Jižní Město Library; e-resources accessible only in the computer network of VŠE
  • how to identify yourself in the library: identity card issued by the Computing Centre
  • price: issue of the card CZK 250 + registration fee CZK 20, yearly renewal of registration to the library – CZK 100
  • maximum number of loans: 5

If you don’t have a library registration and do not plan to create one, you can also use a Single Entry: only for the visit to the study room (study for reference only, self-service copying, search and consultation services), which is valid for 1 day for the price of CZK 50 + CZK 250 returnable deposit for the lending of the chip card. Ask at the loan desk for this service. Please keep in mind that the single entry may not be be used for loans.