European Documentation Centre

The Centre of Information and Library Services of Prague University of Economics and Business is one of the eight European Documentation Centres in the Czech Republic.

The European Documentation Centres (EDC), which operate within university libraries, belong to the EUROPE DIRECT information network set up by the European Commission. They provide information on the activities of two top European organizations – the Council of Europe and the European Union, and help universities and research institutes in education and research in the field of European integration.

The centres are equipped with official publications of the European Commission and are connected to the intranet of the European Commission. Through this connection, they can, thanks to their privileged access, order a larger number of these publications according to the interests and needs of their users.

The EDC collection includes research reports and studies published by EU institutions, statistical summaries, selected periodicals and monographs, annual reports, guidelines, electronic publications and information brochures and leaflets.

Publications in printed format are available as a separate collection of documents in the study room in Žižkov.