How to Register at the Library

Upon registration every user will complete and sign the application and the user’s declaration and prove his identity by a valid document (ID card, passport, residence permit). Registration can also be completed online.

Students, teachers and employees of the VŠE produce their identification card that is registered for the library services. The registration must be renewed every academic year.

In case of interrupted or terminated studies at the VŠE, it is necessary to register as an external user to access the libraries and use the library services.

The VŠE-CIKS library is a public library and students of other universities and expert public may become its users as well as foreigners working in the Czech Republic or registered for residence here. To register a valid identity proof is required – a passport, ID card (EU), residence in the Czech Republic, residence permit. Foreigners who are in the Czech Republic only for a short-term period and are not registered in terms of stay, are provided with a single one-day entry to the study room.