Register Online to VŠE Library

Starting this semester, you can now complete your library registration online – just log in to your library account and then fill in the necessary information.

  • You have registered for the library before: Then just confirm/correct your contact details and pay the annual registration fee of 20 CZK. You can pay via the payment gateway or in person at the library.
    Renew your registration to VŠE library
  • You are new to the library: In this case, you fill in your contact details and choose where to complete your registration in person (Žižkov, Jižní Město). A personal visit is necessary to verify your identity. Again, you can pay the registration fee either through the payment gateway or in person.
    Register to VŠE library

Online registration is available for students and staff of VŠE. External library users continue to register at the borrowing desk.