More than 50 books found new owners at the book swap

Yesterday, a successful book swap took place in the coworking space, where more than 50 books found new owners. Participants had the opportunity to exchange their older books for different ones, which contributed to expanding their libraries and, hopefully, their reading horizons in the future. 😊

We are planning the next book swap for the next semester (probably in October 2024), so let’s review the book swap rules:

  1. Each book you bring should be relatively new rather than old (we’ve set an internal limit at around 15 years of age). We want to keep our swap current and relevant.
  2. The usual (optional) entry ticket to the event is 1 book that meets the rules, but we understand that you might not always have something you want to part with in your library. If you don’t have a book, come anyway.
  3. Only bring books that you personally find good. It’s much more rewarding to see the joyful smiles of future readers than to see disappointed faces flipping through uninteresting books.

Pictured: yesterday’s book swap, already somewhat picked over.