Digitized documents of Czech economic thought history in a new Interface

During February 2024, we successfully migrated the Kramerius system from version 5 to version 7. From a user perspective, this represents a significant advancement: in addition to speeding up document processing, the new version also offers more efficient searching and improvements to the functionalities of the reading interface.

VŠE Library provides access through this platform to the history of Czech economic thought

This is our long-term project to digitize the most interesting collection offered by published works that map the development of this phenomenon. Books are selected from the CIKS library collections, which, thanks to its historical connection to the National Library of the Czech Republic and the professional background of the Prague University of Economics and Business, guarantees the provision of specialized information resources in the field of economic sciences for professionals and the university. The authors of the works included are figures from the scientific and social life of the 19th and 20th centuries, theorists, politicians, educators, and experts in national economic practice. All titles included can be found in the library catalog.

In the background, a number of technological changes occurred between versions 5 and 7 that facilitate the management of the entire solution and enable better work with metadata.