Why has my request “disappeared”?

The first case: The validity of the request has expired (the so-called time of interest)

There is set a time of interest for  half a year by the system. If the request has not been processed by the system within this period, its validity expires and it is removed.

The second case: Your request was executed, but you did not collect the books within the given time period.

When the book is ready, you are informed by e-mail (in case you stated your e-mail address upon registration). The book is left ready for you usually for three days from its dispatch (reservations are left for 5 days) and individual libraries have the right to change this period. The date until when the book can be collected is stated in the e-mail, that you obtain after the execution of your request and also in the list of your requests, that is available via the www.

After the expiration of this period, the book is returned to the stacks or is prepared for a loan to another user. Your request is removed.