How to cite if the there are more authors?

It is recommended by the regulation to list all authors of the cited document. It is advisable to state the full first name. However, if there are more authors, it is possible to proceed as follows:

  • The cited document has two or three authors – we write them all, e.g. NOVÁK, J. and PAVLÍK, R.; Novák, Jan, Richard PAVLÍK and Matěj DVOŘÁK
  • There are four or more authors – it is possible to list an author that is as the first one (or highlighted in any way) and then use the abbreviation “et. al.”, “aj.” or “a kol.” (if the source contains “a kolektiv”)
  • The document has more authors, but none of them is the main one, it is possible to start the citation with the title of the document (mostly encyclopaedias)
  • notice: a corporation may also be an author
  • However, if a different situation occurs – the source does not have any author – the citation starts with a title of the work or the abbreviation “Anon” (when using the Harvard style of citation).