How to Borrow (Reserve, Renew, Return) Books

Students, employees and external users of the library having the ID card will use the username and password they use to log in to other systems of the university.

A document from closed stacks

must be ordered in the online catalogue:

  • log in using your username and password
  • search the respective title
  • display the items (e.g. Library Žižkov – stacks, Library Jižní Město – stacks)
  • if the requested document is in the place, click on the request and confirm it

The book will usually be ready at the loan desk in Žižkov within 30 minutes, in Jižní Město by the next day after ordering and will be waiting for you 3 days.

  • if the document has been borrowed, it is possible to reserve it

The procedure is the same as when ordering a free-access copy and the user is asked for its collection by e-mail. The reserved book must be collected within a week. The reservation fee (for the processing of the reservation) is CZK 10.

  • you can find all information about the reader’s account under the button User.

A document from free-access

you can find according to the shelf number in the study rooms and hand it to the librarian if you want to borrow it at the loan desk.

The loan period

is stated at each item in the catalogue. Use your ID card to borrow a book.

  • for 1 month” – the loan period is 35 days; it may be renewed three times
  • for reference only” – may be borrowed only exceptionally, a so-called “overnight” loan from the study rooms (may be borrowed only before the end of the opening hours and returned within 10:00 a.m. of the following working day). Books in single copies, journals, encyclopedias or the historical collection are not lent. The loan may not be renewed. The library does not have the duty to lend the books and it has the right to refuse such a loan to the user.

Books ordered from the libraries “Točná” and Chris Tame Library” are borrowed at the library in Žižkov within 15 days after the order.

In case of books located at the departments, ask the respective department or workplace to order it (it is advisable to ask the secretary).

Books and lecture notes may be also borrowed for the summer holidays, the loan period is extended so that you can return the books at the beginning of the semester in September.

You can renew loans

  • yourself from the on-line catalogue (select User, Renew)
  • in person at the loan desk
  • by telephone – 224 095 581 (Žižkov) or 224 094 321 (Jižní Město)
  • by e-mail ( at least 1 day before the expiration of the loan period

If the document is reserved, the loan may not be extended!

When returning books, the ID card is not presented. The books may be returned at the loan desk at the library in Žižkov or Jižní Město or it is possible to use the bibliobox (located in Žižkov at the entrance to the Old Building, in Jižní Město on the left side of the library entrance). Books returned to bibliobox will be returned from your account the following working day. The books from the Jižní Město Library may be returned in Žižkov or vice versa. In exceptional cases the books may be returned by the Czech Post or a courier company.