How shall I cite an e-mail – a particular electronic message?

You pay attention to the same data as used with other electronic sources, i.e.:

  • Who is the author of the message (email)?, or who sent it?
  • How is the e-mail called? – Subject of the message
  • Is the message sent within a conference? If yes, use In: Title of the conference after the title
  • Type of the carrier: [online], or it is possible to use [electronic message] as well
  • When exactly was the e-mail delivered? – Date and exact time
  • Fill in the Message-ID: – It is usually obtained from the source code of the message (notice: do not mistake it for source code of the page)
  • Availability: url address of the electronic message – it is an e-mail sent within an e-conference, that has publicly accessible records, the url of the given message is written; if you cite a personal mail, it is sufficient to use: Available from: the Internet (this availability may be exceptionally used here)